Be Kind to Editors and Writers This Month

If you’re a writer or editor and would like a little more love, celebrate Be Kind to Editors and Writers Month in September.


OK, it’s a pseudo holiday from Lone Star Publications of Humor in San Antonio, Texas. Plus, it’s self-serving to suggest others be kind to you. But, embrace it as fully as you like, and as much as your family and friends will tolerate.

Ways to Celebrate: Suggest others celebrate you with cupcakes and chocolate, or that they please stop asking over and over, “are you done writing  yet, so we can eat dinner?”

Most important, be kind to others, because at heart, we’re all writers and editors of our lives.

Bookswain Fact: Hypergraphia is the overwhelming and unstoppable urge to write or create. It may have affected Lewis Carroll (98,000 letters frontwards, backwards, in rebus, and patterns), Fyodor Dostoyevsky and Vincent van Gogh.

*Impress your most bookish friends and acquaintances with informative bookswain facts. You’ll be the hit of book clubs, libraries, and lonely dogs.