Hello. I’m Alicia and I like books. A lot. I’m not nearly cool enough or have the training to be a real librarian, but I do have a Little Free Library (#24255) here in Maine (est. 2015). I’m a former English major with a creative writing concentration. I’m an editor in my day job, over at Trailspace. My to-read piles and lists grow faster than I can read.

Wondering what’s “Bookswain”? Bookswain is where I ponder and share some of my many thoughts on books. It means an admirer, suitor, and/or lover of books. I made it up (see “neologism”).

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You can visit my Little Free Library (#24255) in Maine, or one of the thousands of LFL’s around the world.

I may occasionally post book-related items on Bookswain’s Instagram or Facebook accounts. Or I may opt to read another chapter instead.