Little Free Library #24255


We have a Little Free Library (#24255) in Rome, Maine, where we share free books with community members and visitors. Ours opened on October 17, 2015, and was made by my then-11-year-old son as a Christmas gift for me (thanks, buddy!).

Most of the books come from our own personal library, donations from friends and neighbors (thank you!), and occasionally used book sales at our local library. We’ve recently started purchasing books specifically to celebrate and encourage kindness, empathy, diversity, equality, science, and nature to spread these values throughout the community and world.

You can find ours and thousands of LFL’s around the world.

If you’re in the Belgrade Lakes area, we hope you’ll stop by and take a book or leave a book.

our 2015 LFL grand opening

Read a book. Share a book.

If you happen across a Little Free Library in your travels and wonder how they work, it’s thanks to the generosity of their communities and stewards. If you see a book in an LFL that you’d like to read, take it home…really. (LFL stewards love to see their libraries being used.)

When you’ve finished it, come back and leave that book and/or different books you think others would enjoy reading. You don’t have to return the same book, nor do you have to return books to the same LFL every time. Books are meant to travel and spread their stories and ideas.

If you think a book is worth sharing and passing along—for example that hot new release everyone’s talking about, a timely best seller, or book club favorite—please consider sharing it again via your local Little Free Library for more readers to enjoy.

We welcome all books in our LFL—fiction or nonfiction, new or used, for children and adults—as long as they are in good condition and of interest to the general public (no textbooks, please). If you think it’s a good book, chances are someone else will too!

Wish Lists

We are working to broaden and diversify our own library’s offerings to better represent all races, ethnicities, religions, gender identities, sexualities, abilities, and more.

If you’d like to support our efforts, you can donate a gift card or purchase any of the suggested books on our wish lists below (these wish lists are works in-progress). You also can drop off or suggest other titles. We’ll stamp any new books we buy, then send them out into the world to share. Thank you!