Welcome, Fellow Bookswains


Salutations, dear reader. Welcome to the first edition of Bookswain.com, where I ponder books and share my literary notions and devotions.

You’re probably wondering, what is a bookswain? A bookswain is an admirer, suitor, and/or lover of books (check out About for more). Sound familiar?

Can’t pass a bookstore by without “just stopping to look”? Think you’re the only person in your book club who hasn’t read Wuthering Heights? Spend parties browsing your friends’ bookshelves instead of making small talk? Forgotten every lesson on themes and point of view since high school A.P. English class? Ever wondered how to punish miscreants who reveal book endings?

You’re in the right place. Bookswain is for all lovers of books (and libraries and words).

Unless you’re a friend or relative I insisted should visit “my awesome new book blog!” you’re probably also wondering, who are you? 

I’m Alicia MacLeay, a New England bookswain, writer, and editor. I started Bookswain.com simply because I love books—classic and contemporary fiction, kids lit, field guides, outdoor adventures, whatever—and wanted a place to share my own literary notions and devotions. Plus, it gives me a thinly-veiled excuse to buy, borrow, and read more books.

You also might be wondering, does the world really need another book blog?

No, but do most of us truly need another book either? My overfilled shelves tell another story. There’s always room for more books and thoughts on books.

For more on Bookswain.com, check out the About section. Suffice to say, I’m here because I love books, and I hope you do too.

2 thoughts on “Welcome, Fellow Bookswains

  1. Alicia, I’m so excited to read your book musings. Like Pres. Cotter said, you should never be without a book, a motto we live by in our house. Looking forward to seeing much more in this space, as you’re always fun to read!

  2. Thanks, Betsy! I also live by President Cotter’s advice. I figure, you never know what might happen and wouldn’t you rather have a book with you?

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